About me

For the past few years now, i’ve been imersing myself in the discipline of Game Design.

Among the efforts put into it, are my Bachelor’s of Design, which was finished with a project about the fundamentals of graphic design applied to game’s UI. Also my involvement with Muvuca Games, a brazilian social game development project open to the community, in which i participated as a Game Designer and later on as a moderator for new Game Designers coming aboard the project.

During this time i also finished two specializations on game development and design, the first one from Michigan State University and the last from the California Institute of Arts. For the former i developed Acheron, a small Cyberpunk Metroidvania which i released on Gamejolt and Itch.io, alongside other games i’ve made and have been making for personal projects and gamejams.

My latest endeavor is an MBA in Project Management,

For a detailed breakdown of my experience and skills, check my curriculum bellow.